Dandelion & Clover - Paddywax Relish - Soy Candle - 9.5oz

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Dandelion & Clover soy candle.
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Dandelion & Clover soy candle.

Paddywax Relish Soy Candle Dandelion & Clover - 9.5oz

Our signature Paddywax Relish Soy Candle Dandelion & Clover, is hand poured in a 9.5-ounce white vintage relish jar.

Light and sweet and a little bit creamy, and cheerful.

Relish Soy Candles burn for 60-hours. 

Upcycle jar to store all of life's treasures.
Made in the USA with all natural fragrance oils.
Relish Soy Candles combine innovative scents and creative designs for every gift-giving occasion.

Paddywax is an industry leader in hand-poured, fragrance-infused, soy wax blended candles. With 17 current collections, they have dedicated themselves to creating something lovely for every home. Thier collections combine innovative scents and creative designs for every gift-giving occasion. 
We are proud to call Nashville, TN home, and it is our hope that you, too, can experience a small glimpse of southern hospitality in this Paddywax Relish Soy Candle Dandelion & Clover.
Sit back, strike a match, and relax!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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